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#rEDDurrington Slides and Links

April 28, 2019

It was a pleasure to attend the researchED event at Durrington High School on Saturday 27th April. Massive thanks to @shaun_allison and the team for organizing such a fantastic day. HUGE thanks to those that attended my session. In time I hope to write a blog about the talk. In the meantime the slides are linked at the bottom of the post and there are a number of links here that I referenced during the session.

Here is a link to “Making it hard on yourself, but in a good way” by Robert and Elizabeth Bjork.


This is the post by @EdScientists which appeared on the Learning Scientists website which brilliantly explains the interaction between storage strength and retrieval strength.


This post is my early attempts at implementing spacing and retrieval practice (in Maths).

my marking

This post is my effort to introduce spacing into Year 10 Science (a content heavy year).


This post (following the email I had from Dylan Wiliam- Achievement Unlocked) is my attempt at finding the optimal spacing gap.


This post is a follow up and contains examples of the spacing grids I used for the “spacing lessons”. All my spacing grids can be downloaded and modified here.

word 4

This is the brilliant post by (the also brilliant) @Tom_Needham_ on applying cognitive load theory – the problem completion effect.


This post is where I look at Tom’s post on Rosenshine, Direct Instruction and Cognitive Load Theory and try to fit Desirable Difficulties alongside them. It is also an example of using the “line of duty” effect during the year.

me and tom

This is a post written for the EIC and it contains the excel “optimum gap” calculator that can be downloaded.

eic excel

Finally, this is the @mrbartonmaths podcast with the Bjorks that is essential listening. This is a link to the further reading section on Craig Barton’s website.


here is a dropbox link to the slides.


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