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Using Desirable Difficulties to make learning easier- Links to Videos

May 4, 2020

These are the 2 Loom videos (1 short and 1 long) of my ResearchEd talks that I was fortunate to present at Durrington, Rugby, Surrey and Cardiff. Huge thanks to @shaun_allison, @judehunton, @GeogMarsh, @MrWiseCHS and @garein for the opportunity and enormous thanks to everyone that came to listen to any of these talks.

The short(er) Loom video

screen 2

(for #rEDDurringtonLoom) is here.

The longer Loom based on the final talk

youtube scren shot

in #rEDCymru is here.

@cymru_ed ‘s YouTube channel is here. 

This blog has links to most of the blogs on spacing that “feature” in my talk and this new(ish) blog also featured in the talk in Cardiff.



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